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Google Pixel - Best Phones Forever

"Spa Day"

"Razzle Dazzle"

"Scary Story"

"Snow Phones"

"Thank You For Being a Friend" - Year-in-review extravaganza

What happens when two phones stop being rivals, and start being best friends?

An ongoing series in the world's friendliest competitive campaign, Best Phones Forever has become Google's most successful social campaign ever*. After 3 seasons and 16 episodes of content, BPF has sprawled from its roots across social channels into DOOH, cinema ads, and broadcast on Monday Night Football.

Full YouTube playlist

Role: Editor, creative direction, script development, storyboarding, 2D animation, rough 3D animation, character voice & singing engineer

3D design, rendering, matte painting, color, and conform services lovingly povided by The Mill

*Oh, you want some of those sweet sweet marketing metrics??
  • 530M+ views
  • 5.9M+ engagements
  • 191% search lift
  • holds the top 3 TikTok videos by any Google channel, ever

Chrome - Passwords

:60 broadcast
Remembering passwords is terrible; Chrome helps make that less terrible.

Directed by: Stacy Wall
Role: Editor, creative development, UI animation

Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers

A (home) movie about how Google Search works

:30 Trailer

Full film

A 60-minute film that demystifies Google Search and the people behind it. Completed after an 18 month effort, the film is the canonical guide to how Search works, the problems it's facing, and where it's headed in the future. For anyone that would like to get a behind-the-scenes look at the tool they use every day, but don't know anything about.

Compiled from:
- 16 international b-roll shoots
- 88 original interviews
- 348 hours of footage
- 2,355 pages of transcripts

for Google Creative Lab
Role: Co-editor, trailer editor, animator, art direction
Creative Leads: Kevin Proudfoot / Josh Rosen / Tristan Smith, Natalie Dennis
Producers: Anna de Castro, EP / Kyra Bailey / Dorian Douglass
Co-edited with Kellan Davidson and Pamela Ralat-Curtis
Animation by BigStar, opening Louis XIV animation by Elastic

Shared Piano

A silly teaser for Shared Piano, a simple tool for remote music teaching and collaboration that lets you play music together live on the web. Available at

for Google Creative Lab
Role: Editor, animator, concept, music composition
Creative Lead: Jesse Juriga
Producer: Anna de Castro

Margaret by Moonlight


Teaser film, RT 1:07

Making of, RT 3:19

A teaser and making-of film for "Margaret by Moonlight", a mile-wide tribute to Apollo 11 software engineer and tech pioneer Margaret Hamilton. Using a 107,000 mirror array in the U.S.’s largest solar plant, along with a 2,000 ft altitude helicopter, the facility was turned into one of the world’s largest image displays to coincide with the moon-landing missions’s 50th aniversary. 

Blog post with more details.

for Google Creative Lab
Producers: Suzanne Chambers / Mohan Twine
Creatives: Matthew Carey, Isaac Blakensmith
Team Lead: Teo Soares
Role: Editor, animator. BTS film edited with Sam Davis