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Shared Piano

A silly teaser for Shared Piano, a simple tool for remote music teaching and collaboration that lets you play music together live on the web. Available at

for Google Creative Lab
Role: Editor, animator, concept, music composition
Creative Lead: Jesse Juriga
Producer: Anna de Castro

Margaret by Moonlight


Teaser film, RT 1:07

Making of, RT 3:19

A teaser and making-of film for "Margaret by Moonlight", a mile-wide tribute to Apollo 11 software engineer and tech pioneer Margaret Hamilton. Using a 107,000 mirror array in the U.S.’s largest solar plant, along with a 2,000 ft altitude helicopter, the facility was turned into one of the world’s largest image displays to coincide with the moon-landing missions’s 50th aniversary. 

Blog post with more details.

for Google Creative Lab
Producers: Suzanne Chambers / Mohan Twine
Creatives: Matthew Carey, Isaac Blakensmith
Team Lead: Teo Soares
Role: Editor, animator. BTS film edited with Sam Davis

Google Pixel 3

Launch films

"Top Shot" :60

"Lens" :60

Two of the four broadcast campaign spots for the Pixel 3, whith each one focusing on a new feature of the phone.

for Google Creative Lab
Producers: Anna de Castro, EP / Dorian Douglass / Julian Feller-Cohen / Leah Donneberg
Creatives: Jesse Juriga / Josh Rosen / Tristan Smith / Jean Sharkey / Devin Sharkey / Kelly Diaz
Role: Editor, additional animation

Google Assistant

Make Google Do It

"On The Go" :60

"Call Mom" :15

"Take Me Home" :15"

:30 and :15 broadcast spots, showcasing Google Assistant on-the-go. Featured in the 2018 World Cup.

for Google Creative Lab
Producers: Emily Moore / Anna de Castro
Creatives: Jesse Juriga / Jean Sharkey / Devin Sharkey
Role: Editor


Misc. personal work.